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Electric lubrication pump
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Manual (electric) gasoline pump
Distributor, oiler
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Products Products
Electric lubrication pump
1. DRB-P series electric lubrication pump and device (40MPa)
2. ZPU type electric lubrication pump (40MPa)
3. DDRB-N multi-point lubrication pump (31.5MPa)
4. DB-N series single-line lubrication pump (31.5MPa)
5. DRB-L series electric lubrication pump (20MPa)
6. DRB-J series electric lubrication pump (10MPa)
7. DDB series multi-point dry oil pump (10MPa)
8.SDRB-N double row electric grease pump (31.5MPa)
9, HA-P derivative combination type electric lubrication pump device
10. DXZ series electric dry oil station (10MPa)
11. DB, DBZ type single line dry oil pump and device (10MPa)
12. KEP-16 series electric lubrication pump (31.5MPa)

Manual lubrication pump

1. SGZ-8 manual lubrication pump (10MPa)
2. SRB series manual lubrication pump (20MPa, 10MPa)
3. SRB-J / L series manual lubrication pump (10MPa, 20MPa)
4. KMPS series single line manual lubrication pump (21MPa, 10MPa)
JRB-3 foot lubrication pump (40MPa)

Electric fuel pump

1. DJB-F200 series electric fuel pump (1MPa)
2. DJB-V70 electric fuel pump (3.15MPa)
3. DJB-H1.6 type electric refueling pump (4MPa)
4. DJB-V400 electric refueling pump (3.15MPa)
5. KGP-700LS electric fuel pump (3MPa)

Manual fuel pump
1. SJB-V25 manual refueling pump (3.15MPa)
2. SJB-D60 manual refueling pump (0.63MPa)

Single wire distributor

1. SSV series single wire progressive distributor (30MPa)
2. KJ, KM, KL single wire progressive distributor (7 ~ 21MPa)
3. JPQS (D) progressive distributor (16MPa)
4. JPQ-K series progressive distributor (16MPa)
5. DPQ-X1.3 single wire distributor (31.5MPa)

6. JPQ-L series single-line progressive distributor (20MPa)
7. FP, FPX series single wire distributor (5 ~ 24MPa)
8. PSQ type oil feeder (10MPa)
9.SMX single wire distributor
10. F-type single wire distributor (5MPa)

Two-line distributor

1. SSPQ-P series double wire distributor (40MPa)
2. SDPQ / SSPQ-L series double wire distributor (20MPa)
3. VSN-KR series double wire distributor (40MPa)
4. VSKH-KR series double wire distributor (40MPa)
5. SSPQ-P1.15 series double wire distributor (40MPa)
6. VSL-KR series double wire distributor (40MPa)
7. VSG-KR series double wire distributor (40MPa)
8. KS series double wire distributor (20MPa)
9. KW series double wire distributor (20MPa)
10. VS series double wire distributor (20MPa)
11. SJQ series double wire distributor (10MPa)
12, SGQ series double line oil feeder (10MPa)

Dry oil control, control valve and other accessories

1. 24EJF-P two-position four-way reversing valve (40MPa)
2. YCK-P5 differential pressure switch (40MPa)
3. YKQ-SB type terminal pressure controller (10 ~ 40MPa)
4. YKF-L pressure control valve (20MPa)
5. YZF-L4 pressure control valve (20MPa)
6. YZF-J4 pressure control valve (10MPa)
7. YCF-3 / 8 pressure control valve (10MPa)
8. EM type electric directional valve (40MPa)

9. DR4-5 hydraulic automatic directional valve (20MPa)
10. YHF hydraulic directional valve (20MPa)
11. DF type electromagnetic directional valve (20MPa)
12. GGQ-P series dry oil filter (40MPa)
13. GPF-8 dry oil injection control valve (0.6MPa)
14. GJQ type dry oil pressure gauge shock absorber (10MPa)
15, GPZ-135, BSV-1, KP-O dry oil injection valve
16. PF-200 dry oil injection valve (10MPa)

Thin oil lubrication system

1. XHZ type thin oil lubrication device (0.5MPa)
2. XYHZ thin oil lubrication device (0.5MPa)
3. XYZ-G thin oil station (0.4MPa)
4. XYZ-GZ type integrated thin oil station (0.4MPa)
5. GXYZ type A series high (low) pressure thin oil station
6. GXYZ type B series high (low) pressure thin oil station
7. GDR double high pressure series high (low) pressure thin oil station
8.Separate large-scale thin oil station
9.Small non-standard thin oil station
10.Explosion-proof thin oil station
11.TBY-12 (NC14) Block Hydraulic Station
12.Non-standard hydraulic station

Thin oil lubricated parts

1. WBZ type horizontal gear oil pump device (0.63MPa)
2. LBZ type vertical gear pump device (0.63MPa)
3. SPL, DPL type mesh oil filter (0.8MPa)
4. SLQ double-cylinder mesh filter (0.6MPa)
5. SWCQ double-cylinder mesh magnetic core filter (0.63MPa)
6. CLQ magnetic filter (0.1MPa)
7, Y series filter (4 ~ 10MPa)
8. SGLL type dual oil cooler (1.6MPa)

9. GLCQ, GLLQ tube and tube cooler (0.63 ~ 1.6MPa)
10. YZQ type oil flow indicator (0.4MPa)
11. YXQ type oil flow transmitter (0.4MPa)
12, GZQ type oil indicator (0.63MPa)
12. AF type safety valve (0.8MPa)
14, DXF type check valve (0.8MPa)
15, LUC type fine oil filter truck

Electrical control box

1. R1901 electric control box (20MPa)
2. R1902 electric control box (20MPa)
3. R1904 electric control box (20MPa)
3. GDK01, 02, 03 type electric control box (40MPa)
5. DEA-2L electric control box (20MPa)
6. DEA-2E electric control box (20MPa)
Oil-air lubrication system

Piping accessories

1. Welded pipe joints (31.5MPa)
2. Welded end straight through conical pipe threaded pipe joint (16MPa)
3. Card sleeve type straight-through pipe joint (25, 40MPa)
4. Card sleeve type straight pipe joint (25, 40MPa)
5. Card sleeve type butt-through straight pipe joint (25, 40MPa)
6. Card sleeve type butt-through pipe joint (25, 40MPa)
7. Card sleeve type taper thread straight pipe joint (16MPa)
8. Card sleeve type tapered butt straight pipe joint (16MPa)
9.Cone seal welded articulated pipe joint
10. Conical seal welded pipe joints (16, 25, 31.5MPa)
11, Flared end straight pipe joint
12, Flared taper thread straight pipe joint
13. Taper seal welding pressure gauge pipe joint
14. Pipe joints for copper pipes
15.Threaded joints for steel pipes
16.Plug-in welded joints for steel pipes
17.Welded joints
18.With valve connector
19.Rotary joint
20.Loose joint, reducer joint, quick change joint
21.Bidirectional joint body, welded joint body, cone seal steel wire
22. Conical seal steel wire (and cotton thread) braided rubber hose assembly
23.Other fittings
24. High pressure hose assembly (17 ~ 23MPa)
25, A, B, C type withholding hose joints (2.6 ~ 45MPa)
26. A type detachable hose joint, C type detachable hose joint
27, pipe clamps and pipe brackets
28.Plastic pipe clamp
29. HZJ series pipe clamp
30. ZGJ series seat pipe clamp
Intelligent lubrication system
Bus-type intelligent automatic lubrication system
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