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XHZ type thin oil lubrication device (0.5MPa)
1. Conditions of use
This product is suitable for metallurgical, heavy, mining and other machinery and equipment with a single thin oil circulating lubrication system. Its working medium has a viscosity grade of N22-N460 (equivalent to ISO VG22-460). The cooling device is a tube-type oil. Cooler.
The nominal oil supply pressure of the thin oil lubrication device is 0.63MPa; the filtration accuracy is 0.08mm at low viscosity; 0.12mm at high viscosity; cooling water temperature ≤ 30 C; cooling water pressure <0.4MPa; the oil inlet temperature of the cooler is At 50 C, the temperature drop of the lubricating oil is ≥8 C, the steam pressure is 0.2-0.4MPa; the pressure at the pump port should be greater than 0.63MPa.
XHZ-6.3 ~ XHZ-125 small-scale thin oil lubricating device is shipped from the factory as a whole; XHZ-160 ~ XHZ-500 medium-sized thin oil lubricating device is packaged as separate parts; XHZ-630 ~ 2000 and XHZ-630A ~ 2000A (with pressure) The large thin oil lubricating device with "A" in the tank is supplied as a complete set of parts and welded and assembled on site.
Working principle
The working principle of this thin oil lubrication device is as follows:
The oil is discharged from the oil pump through the check valve, shut-off valve, double-cylinder mesh filter and oil cooler, and then sent directly to the lubrication point, and then flows back to the oil tank through the oil return filter along the oil return main line of the system. The nominal pressure of the pump is 0.63MPa (that is, the maximum outlet pressure of the pump), and the oil supply pressure of the thin oil lubrication device is 0.5MPa (that is, the outlet pressure). A thin oil lubricating device provided with a pressure tank has a gas source pressure of 0.5 to 0.6 MPa.
In normal operation, one gear pump works and one is standby. It is controlled by a changeover switch to be used alternately, and it is started and stopped by a push button switch. The output end of the pump is equipped with a safety valve to avoid over-cutting of the oil pump. The opening pressure set by this valve is 0.63MPa. The system pressure is controlled by the pressure switch. When the system pressure reaches the normal setting value, the host can start. When the system pressure is lower than a certain setting value, the standby pump starts automatically until the pressure returns to normal. If the system pressure continues to drop, when it is lower than the minimum setting value, a low-voltage accident alarm signal is issued, and the host is ordered to stop for troubleshooting.
Structural features
1. A differential pressure signal device is installed on the double-barrel filter. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter exceeds 0.10 ~ 0.15MPa, the differential pressure signal device sends an alarm signal to notify the switch of the working filter cartridge for cleaning or replacement Net (this device is designed before the cooler device; higher oil viscosity is more suitable).
2. A direct-reading thermometer and electromagnetic water valve are installed at the water inlet of the cooler to observe the temperature of the water inlet and control the on or off of the cooling water. At the oil outlet of the system, an electric contact, thermometer and temperature controller are installed to control the working oil temperature; when the outlet oil temperature is higher than a certain set temperature, the electromagnetic water valve is automatically opened and the cooler is turned on. Work until the oil temperature returns to normal. If the cooler has been put into operation, the oil temperature of the system continues to rise. When the maximum temperature is reached, the temperature controller sends an oil temperature overheating alarm signal. When the cooler needs to be replaced or repaired, the inlet and outlet valves of the cooler can be closed, the bypass valve can be opened, and the oil is sent directly to the lubrication point without going through the cooler.
3. Two electric contact thermometers and two level switches are installed on the fuel tank. When the oil temperature of the fuel tank is lower than a certain set temperature, the electric heater is powered on or the steam valve is opened to heat the oil until it reaches normal operation. Oil temperature is up. When the temperature of the oil in the oil tank is lower than the minimum setting temperature, the oil pump cannot be started, and the oil in the oil tank needs to be heated. When the fuel tank level reaches the upper or lower limit, the liquid level switch sends out an alarm signal.
4. Those with "A" after the model are devices with pressure tanks, which can meet the needs of accidental accidents or sudden power failures. The oil stored in the pressure tanks can be used as a temporary pressure oil source to supply oil to the system for a short time. The general check valve on the pressure tank should be installed horizontally, and must not be installed downwards (upward installation is allowed for smaller swing check valves). The drawings should be changed accordingly.
5. Equipped with electric control cabinet and instrument panel, it is convenient to observe the operating parameters, and it can realize automatic control and accident alarm.
Fourth, technical parameters

Flow L / min

electric motor filter
Heat exchange
Cooling water
Tube diameter
Cooling water
m3 / h
Electric heating
Steam pipe
The way to
kg / h
pressure tank
Oil outlet
The way to
Oil return port
The way to
Number of poles
XHZ-6.3 6.3 0.25 6 0.75 0.05 1.3 25 0.6 3 15 40 320
XHZ-10 10
XHZ-16 16 0.5 6 1.1 0.13 3 25 1.5 6 25 50 980
XHZ-25 25
XHZ-40 40 1.25 6 2.2 0.20 6 32 3.8 12 32 65 1520


XHZ-100 100 2.5 6 5.5 0.40 11 32 7.5 18 40 80 2850
XHZ-125 125
XHZ-160 160 5 4, 6 7.5 0.52 20 65 20 25 40 65 125 3950
XHZ-200 200
XHZ-225 225 10 4, 6 11 0.83 35 100 30 25 65 80 150 5660
XHZ-315 315
XHZ-400 400 16 4, 6 15 1.31 50 100 45 32 90 100 200 7290
XHZ-500 500
XHZ-630 630 20 6 18.5 1.31 60 100 55 32 120 2 100 250 8169
XHZ-630A 10160
XHZ-800 800 25 6 twenty two 2.2 80 125 70 40 140 2.5 125 250 11550
XHZ-800A 13780
XHZ-1000 1000 31.5 6 30 2.2 100 125 90 50 180 3.15 125 300 13315
XHZ-100A 15500
XHZ-1250 1250 40 6 37 3.3 120 150 110 50 200 4 150 300 15350
XHZ-1250A 17960
XHZ-1600 1600 50 6 45 3.3 160 150 145 65 260 5 150 350 20010
XHZ-1600A 23020
XHZ-2000 2000 63 8 55 6 200 200 180 65 310 6.3 200 400 25875
XHZ-2000A 30300
Note: 1. A is a thin oil lubrication device with a pressure tank, which is arranged in a square shape.
2. The helical gear oil pump is a 4-pole motor; the herringbone gear oil pump is a 6-pole motor; the number of poles is also determined according to the viscosity of the medium. When the viscosity is high, a low speed should be selected.
3. If the cooling water quality is river water, it should be filtered and precipitated. The water temperature should not exceed 32 ℃.
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