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SJB-D60 manual fuel pump (0.63MPa)

I. Overview

It is suitable for filling grease into the oil reservoirs of manual lubrication pumps or small electric lubrication pumps with pressure levels of 10MPa and 120MPa.

Technical parameters

Nominal pressure MPa
Oil supply mL / cycle
Force N on handle force
Weight kg
Grease (NLGI0 # ~ 1 #) with a penetration angle of 310 ~ 385 (25 C, 150g) and 1 / 10mm
Model description             

4. Dimensions

V. working principle
When the operating handle moves downwards, the volume of the upper chamber of the upper valve closing piston gradually becomes smaller, and the grease is sent to the oil reservoir along the conveying hose. Grease is sucked in. When the handle moves upward, negative pressure is formed in the upper cavity of the piston, the upper valve is opened, the suction plate is closed, and the grease enters the upper cavity of the piston. When the handle moves down again, repeat the process.

Six, instructions for use
1. When used, one end of the oil delivery hose is connected to the fuel pump outlet, and the other end is connected to the oil reservoir supply port. After use, the other end should be screwed on the tank cover bolt.
2. The grease used must be clean, uniform in texture and within the specified brand range.
3. The amount of grease in the barrel should be checked frequently to prevent air from being mixed into the oil reservoir when there is no fat.

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