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SSPQ-P series double wire distributor (40MPa)

I. Overview
SSPQ-P series (formerly ZV-B series) double wire distributor is suitable for dry oil or thin oil double wire centralized lubrication system with a nominal pressure of 40MPa, as a kind of quantitative oil supply device. A two-line distributor that distributes lubricant to each lubrication point quantitatively through two oil supply pipes alternately pressure-feeding grease. There are three types of distributors with oil-feeding screws, with movement indication adjustment device and with stroke adjustment device.
1. For the distributor with oil supply screw, the oil supply cannot be adjusted. Only oil supply screws with different oil supply indexes can be selected to change the oil supply.
2. The distributor with motion indication adjustment device can adjust the oil supply amount from zero to rated oil supply, and can judge whether the distributor works normally by observing the motion indication adjustment device.
3. The distributor with a stroke switch adjustment device can adjust the oil supply amount from zero to the rated oil supply amount, and can send a signal to control the lubrication condition of the lubrication point through the limit switch. Piece limit switch adjustment device.

Technical parameters
Nominal pressure MPa
Starting pressure MPa
Control piston working oil mL
Rated oil supply mL / cycle per oil outlet
Number of oil supply ports
Strapping device
※ SSPQ ※ -P0.5
1 ~ 8
Oiling screw, movement indication adjustment device
※ SSPQ ※ -P1.5
Oiling screw, motion indication adjustment device, stroke switch adjustment device
※ SSPQ ※ -P3.0
1 ~ 4
Motion indication adjusting device
When the number of oil supply ports is singular, the oil supply amount of one of the oil supply ports is twice the rated oil supply amount.
The medium used is a grease (NLGI0 # ~ 3 #) with a cone penetration of not less than 220 (25 C, 150g) or 1 / 10mm or a viscosity grade greater than N68. The working environment temperature is -20 C to 80 C.
Model description
Fourth, the working principle
The two-line distributor has a control piston and a working piston in the piston hole that communicates with each two lubrication points. The two oil inlets are connected to the two oil supply pipes 3a and 3b. When one oil supply pipe is pressurized, When the other one is unloaded.
As shown in the figure above, the grease delivered by the pump enters the upper end of the distributor control piston through the oil supply pipe 3a, and the control piston first moves downward (at this time, the grease squeezed by the lower end of the control piston enters the unloaded oil supply. Tube 3b), the upper cavity of the working piston communicates with the upper cavity of the control piston, and then the working piston moves downward. At this time, the grease squeezed by the working piston is pressed to the oil outlet 6 through the annular groove of the control piston. Go to the lubrication point and complete the first cycle of oil feeding. Switch to the oil supply pipe 3b to start the oil supply operation in the second cycle, the distributor piston reverses the aforementioned operation in the same order, and the oil outlet 5 discharges grease.
V. Dimensions

Six, instructions for use
1. It should be equipped with protective cover when used in dusty, humid and harsh environment.
2. The dual-line distributor is preferably installed in parallel in the system. The oil supply pipe and the distributor can be connected on the left or right. Second, the serial installation method must be used to connect two G3 / 8 screw plugs are removed, and the maximum number of serial connections is not allowed to exceed two; if necessary, can be installed in parallel and serial combination.
3. For the distributor with oiling screw (SSPQ1), the oiling amount cannot be adjusted. Only oiling screws with different oiling indexes can be selected to change the oiling amount.
4. For the distributor (SSPQ2 type) with movement indication adjustment device, the adjustment of the oil supply amount should be turned with the adjustment screw of the limiter in the state that the indicating rod is retracted, according to the actual needs of the lubrication point at the maximum and minimum. Adjust within the oil range.
5. For the distributor (SSPQ3) with a stroke switch adjustment device, the adjustment of the fuel supply amount should also be performed with the indicator rod retracted, and adjusted as needed.
6. When the number of oil supply ports becomes odd, remove the screws between the corresponding oil outlets, and plug the unused oil outlet with a G1 / 4 plug. The upper and lower oil outlets communicate, and the piston moves forward and backward. Oil is supplied from this outlet.
7. For easy disassembly, the pipe from the distributor to the lubrication point should be bent to 90 or use a ferrule joint.
8. The mounting surface with the distributor should be smooth and flat, and the mounting bolts should not be over-tightened, so as to avoid deformation during use and affecting normal operation.
9. The SSPQ1 and SSPQ2 type distributors are recommended to use GB70-85 screws M6 50 for installation and fixing, and the SSPQ3 type distributors need to be equipped with 30mm pads for the GB70-85 special screws M6 85 to be installed and fixed.

Seven, common faults and troubleshooting
1. The distributor does not work.
Check whether the oil supply pipe is under pressure oil delivery; whether the lubrication point is blocked, whether the oil supply pipe is squashed; whether impurities have been caused in the distributor to cause the piston hole to be pulled, etc., and it can be checked after elimination.
2. There is oil leakage at the indicating rod of the movement indication adjusting device.
Remove the limiter body and replace the oil seal. It may be that the oil seal is in stock or has been used for too long or has exceeded the specified ambient temperature. Replace it after finding out.

Ordering instructions
1. Distributors with oil-feeding screws (SSPQ1 type) must indicate the oil supply index in the order of each pair of oil outlets, and do not specify the supply according to the oil supply index 1.
2. Distributor (SSPQ3) with limit switch adjustment device, each with only one limit switch adjustment device. If there is a special need, each pair of oil outlets can be equipped with belts. The number of belts must be specified. Order separately.
3. For the distributors with an odd number of oil outlets, the position of the unused oil outlet must be specified in the order of each pair of oil outlets. If not specified, the oil outlets will be supplied on the right.
4. The installation and use of the distributor with an ambient temperature> 80 C must be specified in the order contract in order to provide a high temperature resistant oil seal when supplying.

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