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XYZ Thin Oil Station Series
TR Type Turbine Regulating Lubricating Oil Station
Regulating oil supply device of steam turbine power generation equipment

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Regulating oil supply device of steam turbine power generation equipment
This lubrication and regulating oil station is widely used in various rotating equipment of steam turbines, compressors, generators, fans, pumps, etc., to provide clean, compliant oil for the bearings, gears, couplings, etc. of such equipment. By adding relevant parts, it is possible to provide sealing oil, jackshaft oil and turning oil to the above-mentioned equipment.
The petrol station is designed and manufactured in accordance with the US AP1614 standard, TEMA standard, and GB750 and JB standards.
The petrol station is an integrated structure with a common chassis, which is designed and manufactured according to user requirements. Four typical structures comprehensively integrate the current advanced design and manufacturing technologies of the same kind at home and abroad. On this basis, flexible design and manufacturing can be carried out. According to user requirements, power oil stations and sealed oil stations can be manufactured separately. And configure electric control cabinet and instrument panel.

Steam and electric pump structure. The flow pressure is controlled by a pneumatic membrane regulating valve, and both the oil cooler and the oil filter are opened and prepared. Generally, the turbine driven pump is the main oil pump. The electric drive pump is the auxiliary pump, and the electric pump can be set as the main pump as required. The steam pump is set as the auxiliary pump.
Double screw pump structure. The main and auxiliary oil pumps are screw pumps. The lubricating oil is controlled by a pneumatic film regulating valve, and the oil return is controlled by a Fisher self-regulating valve. API valve is used for the valve, and the oil station is set to protect the oil tank from shutdown. The oil supply pipe of the oil pump has a rubber compensation pipe and an oil inlet filter.
Lubrication, adjustment and sealing common tank structure. Use petrochemical process pump designed and manufactured according to AP1610 specifications. The outlets of all ports are controlled by self-operated pressure regulating valves. A sealed oil degassing device is set on the top of the fuel tank. The hydrogen sulfide gas of the sealing oil from the oil-gas separator is completely degassed by nitrogen filling and heating in the device.
Vertical oil pump structure. The vertical centrifugal pump is installed on the top of the fuel tank. The oil supply is caused by the pressure of the injection oil suction pipe, which is adjusted by cooling and filtering for lubrication. The characteristic curve of the centrifugal pump determines its corresponding value of flow and pressure. Therefore, it is not necessary to install a bypass regulating valve or an overflow valve in the system, and only a throttle valve is provided to make the system simple. And can meet the requirements.
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