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Various pipe joints

1. Welded pipe joints (31.5MPa)
2. Welded end straight through conical pipe threaded pipe joint (16MPa)
3. Card sleeve type straight-through pipe joint (25, 40MPa)
4. Card sleeve type straight pipe joint (25, 40MPa)
5. Card sleeve type butt-through straight pipe joint (25, 40MPa)
6. Card sleeve type butt-through pipe joint (25, 40MPa)
7. Card sleeve type taper thread straight pipe joint (16MPa)
8. Card sleeve type tapered butt straight pipe joint (16MPa)
9.Cone seal welded articulated pipe joint
10. Conical seal welded pipe joints (16, 25, 31.5MPa)
11, Flared end straight pipe joint
12, Flared taper thread straight pipe joint
13. Taper seal welding pressure gauge pipe joint

14. Pipe joints for copper pipes
15.Threaded joints for steel pipes
16.Plug-in welded joints for steel pipes
17.Welded joints
18.With valve connector
19.Rotary joint
20.Loose joint, reducer joint, quick change joint
21.Bidirectional joint body, welded joint body, cone seal steel wire
22. Conical seal steel wire (and cotton thread) braided rubber hose assembly
23.Other fittings
24. High pressure hose assembly (17 ~ 23MPa)
25, A, B, C type withholding hose joints (2.6 ~ 45MPa)
26. A type detachable hose joint, C type detachable hose joint
Various pipe clamps
The company's main types of pipe clamps are plastic pipe clamps, aluminum alloy pipe clamps, stainless steel pipe clamps, steel pipe clamps, U-shaped pipe clamps, single pipe clamps, double pipe clamps, three pipe clamps, four pipe clamps, single-sided pipe clamps, There are more than 400 pipe clamps in 14 series, including large diameter pipe clamps, flat steel pipe clamps, GJ steel pipe clamps, and combined aluminum alloy pipe clamps. Suitable for low pressure PN≤8Mpa to high pressure PN≤31.5Mpa, low temperature 90 ℃ to high temperature + 550 ℃. The product implements national heavy machinery standards and meets German standards. Widely used in domestic heavy machinery mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, engineering machinery, machine tools, ships, papermaking, hydraulic machinery and other industries to provide a large number of supporting products, has been unanimously recognized by users.
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1. Pipe clamp and bracket 2. Plastic pipe clamp 3. HZJ series pipe clamp 4. ZGJ series seat pipe clamp

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