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Lubrication common sense
It has digested and absorbed the advanced technology of hydraulic lubrication system components and pipeline connection in the United States, Germany, France, Japan and other countries, and the product quality has reached the domestic advanced level.
Advantages of oil and gas lubrication systems

Oil-air lubrication is a kind of lubrication device developed in recent years. It is similar to oil-mist lubrication, but it is different from oil-mist lubrication. Oil and gas lubrication is similar to oil mist lubrication. It uses compressed air as the driving force to deliver thin oil to bearings. The difference is that oil and gas lubrication does not impinge oil into fine mist, but uses the flow of compressed air to transport the oil to the pipeline. Bearings therefore no longer need condensation. Any liquid that can flow can be transported without being limited by viscosity. The pressure of air transportation is high, about 3 105Pa. The air pressure in the bearing box is also high, about 0.3 105Pa. During normal operation, a certain level of lubricating oil is maintained in the bearing box, so the amount of oil can be determined according to the actual consumption, so the lubricant is replenished by the gap and the air is continuously supplied. Due to the large number of lubrication points, it was difficult to transport the oil-gas mixture to each bearing evenly, a few years ago. A special wave oil distributor has been invented to solve this problem, so that oil and gas lubrication can be developed and applied, and satisfactory results can be obtained.

The advantages of oil and gas lubrication are as follows:

1. Conducive to environmental protection. Because there is no oil mist, the surrounding environment is not polluted.

2. Precision measurement. Both oil and air components can be accurately measured separately and delivered to each lubrication point according to different needs. This is a very economical system.

3. It has nothing to do with the viscosity of the oil. Any oil that can flow can be transported. It does not have the problem of high viscosity atomization because it does not require atomization.

4. Can be monitored. The working condition of the system can be easily monitored electronically.

5. It is especially suitable for rolling bearings, especially heavy-duty rolling mill roll neck bearings. The air-cooling effect is good, which can reduce the operating temperature of the bearings, thereby extending the service life of the bearings.

6. Low fuel consumption. Only 1/10 ~ 1/20 of fat consumption.

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