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Lubrication common sense
It has digested and absorbed the advanced technology of hydraulic lubrication system components and pipeline connection in the United States, Germany, France, Japan and other countries, and the product quality has reached the domestic advanced level.
Oil and gas lubrication-reasonable lubrication

The core problem of lubrication technology is to solve the friction pair, which is what we usually call the lubrication point of the lubrication point. For those who are engaged in the application of lubrication technology, the most concerned should be the lubrication point. In other words, no matter what kind of lubrication method you use, dry oil lubrication, thin oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication, or oil and gas lubrication, the purpose is to keep the lubrication point in the best lubrication state.
So, what kind of lubrication is needed for the lubrication point? Is it better to add more oil? The answer is no.
The lubrication point, that is, the friction pair running under full film lubrication is an ideal situation. In this state of full film lubrication, there is lubricant between the friction surfaces, and a complete lubricating film can be generated, completely separating the two friction surfaces. When the friction pair moves, the friction is the internal friction between the internal molecules of the lubricating film, not the external friction of the direct contact between the friction surfaces.
The lubricant required by the lubrication point should reach the bearing with a slow and even flow of oil. If the lubricant required by the lubrication point can be supplied in a continuous stream, the lubrication effect is the best for the lubrication point Already.
For example: a bearing needs 1ml of lubricating oil per hour. Is it necessary to add 1ml per hour, or add this 1ml of oil several times in an hour, the correct answer should be the latter. If we can make the lubrication point only get 0.1ml of oil in each lubrication cycle, then 1ml of oil can be delivered in 10 times within 1 hour and once every 6 minutes. This can achieve very satisfactory results. This is One of the most correct way to lubricate.
Thin oil lubrication is indeed an effective method of lubrication. With the development of lubrication technology, thin oil lubrication has developed from a primary high-flow lubrication method to a more advanced trace lubrication method. For example, oil mist lubrication is a kind of micro-lubrication, and its appearance has led to the development of a new stage of thin oil lubrication. Although oil mist lubrication has taken a big step towards this correct method of lubrication, due to various restrictions on its application, and severely pollutes the environment and endangers human health, the application prospect is becoming increasingly bleak. A more precise and traceable and environmentally friendly lubrication method-oil and gas lubrication.
Oil and gas lubrication has changed the traditional lubrication method with a novel lubrication concept. It can continuously inject a fine and extremely small amount of oil droplets into the lubrication point. In this way, the method of accurately distributing the lubricant in an equal time can be realized, and Can be suitable for different severe working conditions, which is not possible with other lubrication methods.

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