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Lubrication common sense
It has digested and absorbed the advanced technology of hydraulic lubrication system components and pipeline connection in the United States, Germany, France, Japan and other countries, and the product quality has reached the domestic advanced level.
Operation and maintenance of dry oil jet lubrication systems

Before the newly installed or repaired transmission is put into operation, a uniform layer of the same grease as the spray device must be applied to the lubricated surface. Because in the first operation, the dry oil injection system can not provide sufficient grease immediately, it needs to be pre-coated manually. When using the spray device, the following points should also be noted:
1. The grease used must be filtered, uniform in texture and suitable in penetration. Impurities are mixed in the grease, which not only affects the atomization effect, but also risks clogging the nozzle. In order to facilitate atomization, it is generally necessary to add about 20% high viscosity lubricating oil (such as rolling oil, gasoline, motor oil, etc.) to the grease, and its penetration should not be less than 300. If the abrasion resistance is enhanced, an appropriate amount of molybdenum disulfide can be added to the grease, or a standard brand of molybdenum disulfide grease can be used;
2. Compressed air must ensure sufficient pressure (ie, not less than 0.45MPa). The air should be kept clean and dry. When conditions permit, it is best to install three large pneumatic parts (ie, water separation filter, air pressure regulating valve, and oil mist generator) in the air inlet pipeline, so that the service life of the control valve and nozzle can be extended;
3. The maximum working pressure of the manual dry oil station should be kept below 7MPa. The newly installed dry oil injection device should be filled with grease before use;
4. Keep sufficient grease in the oil storage tank, do not allow evacuation. Otherwise air enters the system and affects the spray;
5. Regularly check whether the tooth surface of the lubricated gear is adequately lubricated and whether the angle of the nozzle has changed. If you need to adjust the oil quantity, you can turn the adjustment screw on the oil feeder to adjust (the adjustment range is 1.5 ~ 5mm / per cycle);
6. The entire spraying device must be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth and flexible system. Open gear transmission should also timely remove the dirt remaining on the tooth surface according to the site working conditions.

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