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Culture of our company
Big Crystal is ambitious, positive, passionate, and never slack. With superb technology and innovative methods, we constantly strive to move to a higher level. The career is endless. Dajing people's pursuit of career and corporate development goals are not satisfied. Dajing advocates to be content and happy in life and learn to feel the value and meaning of life from work.

Integrity, pragmatism, innovation, development

  • Integrity is the basic quality of Dajing, and it is the foundation of Dajing's human behavior.
  • Pragmatism is Dajing's work attitude, which requires Dajing people to dare to face the problem and solve the problem.
  • Innovation is Dajing's method and means. Dajing people should support with ability and wisdom, establish an open concept, master advanced methods, and keep pace with the times.
  • Development is the result of Dajing's pursuit. Dajing must realize the harmonious development of employees, enterprises and society, and the common development of enterprises, organizations and people.

    One center, two basic points

    Focusing on the market This is the most basic principle of Dajing's operation. Every job of every Dajing person is to create and serve the market. With the organization and ability that meets the characteristics of the market and responds quickly to the needs of the market, Committed to becoming a pioneer and promoter of the industry. The highest point of quality Dajing emphasizes winning with "quality" and trusting with "quality", and makes every effort to deliver high-quality products or services, so that customers, suppliers and other partners can be assured with 100% confidence. To ensure the safe and smooth operation of the equipment. The lowest point cost is the system cost that runs through all links in the value chain of the company's operating activities. The big crystals must establish the concept of large costs, establish a global concept, scientific management, attention to details, and systematic improvement.

    Social responsibility

    • Realizing the self-survival and development of an enterprise is the most basic social responsibility of an enterprise, the essential embodiment of corporate social responsibility, and the basis for an enterprise to perform other social responsibilities.
    • Enterprises are not only a tool for making money, but also an important carrier to promote the progress of human society.
    • Dajing emphasizes that individuals and enterprises must have ambitious goals; they emphasize that personal goals are consistent with corporate development goals, and corporate goals are consistent with social development goals.
    • Environmental protection is our biggest responsibility; safety is our biggest wish; development is our biggest goal.

    Be a socially responsible company

    • Responsible for customers with sincere wishes, reassure customers;
    • Responsible to employees with respect and tolerance, and reassure employees;
    • Responsible to the state and society with solemn commitments and promote harmonious development;

    Be a big man with social responsibility

    • Be responsible to yourself, pursue self-improvement, and become a progressive person;
    • Responsible for the family, caring for the family, making the family happy and happy;
    • Responsible for colleagues and maintain a friendly relationship with colleagues in a sincere manner;
    • Responsible for the enterprise, maintain strong work enthusiasm, and deliver satisfactory work results to the enterprise;
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