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FAQ Question
It has digested and absorbed the advanced technology of hydraulic lubrication system components and pipeline connection in the United States, Germany, France, Japan and other countries, and the product quality has reached the domestic advanced level.
Application of pneumatic lubrication system and satellite lubrication system

The pneumatic oil and gas lubrication system uses a pneumatic pump to supply oil. In theory, it can supply oil to 200 lubrication points at the same time. Generally, when the total lubrication point of the equipment is less than 200, we will use this type of system.

The satellite oil and gas lubrication system uses a gear pump to supply oil. For equipment with more than 200 lubrication points, we will use this type of system. There is no theoretical limit on the number of points. We used 2 satellite master stations and 20 satellite stations as Xinyu. More than 3,000 lubrication points of the steel plate's thick plate step cooling bed are supplied simultaneously, and the effect is good.

Customers can choose the corresponding system according to the actual situation of their equipment.

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