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It has digested and absorbed the advanced technology of hydraulic lubrication system components and pipeline connection in the United States, Germany, France, Japan and other countries, and the product quality has reached the domestic advanced level.
Installation and maintenance of common lubrication equipment for rolling mills

I. Equipment installation: Carefully review the pipe drawing of the lubricating device, the lubricating device and the mechanical equipment, check the foundation drawings, and confirm the connection and installation relationship before installation. Check the devices and components before installation; the product must have a certificate of conformity, the necessary devices and components should be checked and cleaned, and then pre-installed (for more complex systems). After pre-installation, clean the pipes; check the components and joints, and if there is any loss or damage, handle them in time.
Cleaning method: degrease with carbon tetrachloride; or after degreasing with sodium hydroxide, wash with warm water. Then use hydrochloric acid (mass fraction) 10-15%, urotropine (mass fraction) 1%, dip or wash for 20-30min, the solution temperature is 40-50 ℃, and then wash with warm water. Then, it is immersed and washed for 10-15min with a 1% ammonia aqueous solution, the solution temperature is 30-40 ℃, and then it is washed with steam or warm water. Finally, dry it with clean and dry air and apply anti-rust oil until it is officially installed and used.
Second, equipment cleaning, pressure test, commissioning: After the equipment is officially installed, it is better to clean it once more to ensure reliability. Dry oil and thin oil system cycle time is 8-12 hours, thin oil pressure is 5-3MPa; cleanliness can reach NAS11, 12 grade.
For the cleaned system, the test should be performed at a rated pressure for 10-15 minutes. Gradually increase the pressure and observe and deal with the problem in time. After the test, read the pressure relay, temperature adjustment, liquid level adjustment, and electrical appliance interlocking for adjustment according to the design specification, and then put it into use.
Third, equipment maintenance: On-site users must work hard to understand the equipment, devices, component drawings, instructions and working principles and other materials, to master technically relevant information on use, maintenance and repair in order to use maintenance and repair.
4. Common accidents and treatment of thin oil stations and dry oil stations:
1. Thin oil pump bearing heating (slider pump): The reason is that the bearing clearance is too small and the lubricant is insufficient. Check the clearance, re-open and close, and adjust the clearance by 0.06-0.08mm.
2. Suddenly increased pressure at the petrol station: the pipeline is blocked, check the pipeline, and remove the obstruction.
3. Thin oil pump heating: improper clearance of the pump, adjust the clearance of the pump; oil viscosity is too large, choose a reasonable oil product; improper pressure adjustment, more than the actual required pressure, reasonable adjustment of various pressures in the system; leaks at various connections of the oil pump As a result, the volume is lost and heat is generated. Tighten the joints and check the seal to prevent leakage.
4. The pressure control valve push rod operates when the pressure is very low: the check valve is abnormal, check the spring and steel ball, and clean or repair it or replace it with a new one.
5. The pressure gauge at the dry oil station can't hold the pressure: the safety valve is broken, the oiler piston is poorly matched, the reversing valve plunger is not tightly matched, the oil pump plunger gap is too large, repair the safety valve, and replace the poor oiler , Exhaust the air in the tube; replace the plunger, and develop the plunger clearance.

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